Purposeful play.

I believe that the act of creating is largely a subconscious process – influenced by intellectual, social and cultural development. Allowing the subconscious to play increases confidence and allows for a flexible mind better at solving problems and negotiating creative conflicts.


Play allows for failure, and failure allows for emotional, rational, and creative growth.

Methods is a tool designed to encourage purposeful play.

Project Name

Key Details

I believe that creativity is a fundamental by-product of problem solving. By giving designers unlikely paths to follow, Methods strengthens one’s ability to create unexpected narratives, while also exploring new graphic forms, techniques and histories of design.

Technical Details

  • The idea for methods is self-generated.
  • The content is based on observations as well as research from design books.
  • The site is coded in a combination of html, css, and php and works across screen sizes and devices.
  • The background is open-sourced, inserted via javascript.

Constraint Categories

These provide the foundation for visual exploration.

Essential prompts

Size & Layout







“is 8.5 by 11”

“uses a typeface that starts with the letter ‘M'”

“uses photgraphs taken with a dirty camera phone”

“is composed of four different blues”

“uses pages ripped out of a book you own”

“has fourteen lines”

“combines watercolor with digital techniques”



uses large typography, is made in 15 minutes, and uses type over type.

uses typography clipped out from a photo, emphasizes negative space, and uses a photo of a photo.

uses typography clipped out from a photo, emphasizes negative space, and is in the style of Andy Warhol.