Representing five years of in-house design efforts to define and modernize the Saint Mary’s College brand




Communications Department—Part of a medium-sized team that included creative management, copywriting, and development. I initially was hired to provide print and digital design and grew my role into full management of the SMC website, photography and streamlining team processes.


Joining the communication department team in 2015, I was initially brought on as a print/digital designer and over time I grew professionally and shifted my role to focus primarily on UX research and design. It became my responsibility to coordinate and lead all efforts to streamline and modernize Saint Mary’s College website and digital content.

As part of my role, I collaborated with various departments to understand their needs and plot the best path forward that accomplished their goals while aligning with the SMC brand—ensuring that not only the design felt consistent but also accomplished the college’s diverse goals.

During my tenure at SMC, it brought me a lot of fulfillment each time I was able to streamline previously laborious efforts in record time—saving countless hours of work for dozens of employees. I utilized my keen eye for design and photography as well as my technical coding abilities to truly define, transform and advance everything I touched.

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These are a few types of tasks or projects I might have worked on in any given day:

  • ADA Website Compliance
  • Business cards/Stationery
  • Newsletters
  • Event Promotion Posters
  • Case Studies
  • Proposals and Presentations
  • Re-engagement Emails
  • Digital Reports
  • Print and Digital Brochures
  • Infographics
  • Motion Graphics
  • Brand Stories
  • Information Architecture
  • Cross Platform, Print and Digital Magazine spreads
  • Concept ideation
  • Usability Testing
  • Project Management
  • Photography (15k+ shots), incl. retouching and digital management of waivers
  • Logos upon logos
  • UX Wireframing and Rapid prototyping
  • Motion Graphics
  • Web Design – Drupal based
  • Branding & Design Partner Education
  • HTML and CSS development
  • Gantt Charts
  • Spirit memorabilia and Tee Shirts
  • App Store Icons
  • Digital Signage
  • Brand Management
  • Three- or four-billion email headers
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Postcards, digital cards, and graphic reminders
  • Distinguished guest announcements
  • Evergreen banners
  • Fundraising Campaigns
  • Handbooks
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Strategic relationship building